DESIGN BRIEF | Style Advice 

Wakool, December 2017

During our first visit to this Wakool home, the family were deep in the midst of renovations and functioning out of a caravan. Once the renovations were complete, the newly open-plan living and dining were going to need some key pieces of furniture and the front entrance required some style advice.

We began with art for the dining room, three matching pieces that tied into the family's farming lifestyle. From there we sourced the large dining room pendant and accessorized the side buffet.

The living area came with requirements and these included, two extremely comfortable recliners and lots of seating for entertaining family and friends. We chose to stay in a warm, neutral colour palette and then pop it with a large feature piece of art. To fulfill the brief, we chose two IMG Captain Chairs in grey leather - extremely comfortable and supportive, and two Italian made leather sofas in brown leather. To define the space we added a large Bayliss Argentina Rug and employed a local artist to complete a large 2m x 1m acrylic on canvas, framed in Tasmanian Oak.

The front entrance already housed a large buffet, so we were able to easily advise on adding other elements to bring the space together. This included an accent chair, lamp, small decor items and the use of three historic, soon-to-be-framed, maps, land settlement and information on the history of the farming property.

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