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Updated: Mar 1

If you are not familiar with Molmic then do yourself a favor and check them out today!

Not only are Molmic 100% Australian Made and produced in Melbourne, Victoria but they are the epitome of style, comfort and excellence.

Their lounges are designed with quality and longevity in mind and will enable you to have piece of mind knowing you are purchasing the best.

Molmic has listened to their fans and created a range of fabrics called the "accent range" which has enabled them to produce a budget friendly yet high quality range. The Accent colours come in a huge range so you can style your home to suit your taste.

No matter your style Molmic has you covered. You could choose a striking red splash of colour or a timeless monochrome design with grey and blacks or go with your cooler hues of blues and greens to keep things cool calm and elegant.

But all things cosmetic aside it is whats inside that counts after all. It is no use having a great looking couch if it is not sturdy practical and designed to last. As you will see by the below picture, Molmic only uses the best quality hardwood timbers, no sag steel suspension and only the best craftsmen/women are employed to hand stitch your lounge. That's right, NO MACHINES!!

So what more is there to say ? Nothing, the product definitely speaks for itself with its true old fashioned hand made, quality, Australian products to its on point styles which can be ordered to suit your design preference including fabric or leather. So now i will be signing out and going to laze on the stunning Kirby lounge. I sure do have the best seat in the house! Why don't you come in store and say hi to the team and I at Visual Appeal Furniture and Bedding, Kerang.

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