Work Experience Week, Comes To An End

by Melissah Carnell June 01, 2018

Lauren here again,

I have had a great week with the visual appeal team. I have done a range of rearranging and restyling, both in and out of the store during the week.

For my second shop window display, I decide to design a dining room. First, I decided on a rug. I used a gorgeous cow leather rug. This rug has a flow of brown, whites and blacks. I then decided on a dining table, I used an elegant round glass table with black legs. The black legs of the tabled tied in well with the 4 black chairs I used. I placed the table slightly to the left of the room, under a pendant light. This allowed enough room for a beautiful dark blue chair, with black legs and a black fluffy cushion. I then incorporated 4 black storage cubes along the back wall in a unique placement to create some height in the room. On the boxes I have added some greenery with a plant, as well as a black and white print. Throughout the dining room display I have kept It very simple and incorporated black throughout most items, including the table, chairs, painting, and storage unit. I did this as it gives a very nice, elegant and relaxed feel to the room.

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