work experience week, window restyling!

by Melissah Carnell May 29, 2018

My name is Lauren Gleeson, I am 15 years old, i am currently completing year 10 at Barham high school. I am doing a week of work experience with Mel and the team at visual appeal. This has been a great experience, i have restyled one of the store windows and help rearrange the shop, as well as doing a home photo shoot.

For the display window I have decide to design a lounge room. You spend lots of time in your lounge room, so it not only has to look good, it has to be comfortable and functional. The main feature of the lounge room is a beautiful, Australian made light grey Molmic couch, with natural looking wood feet. The grey couch is complimented by a lovely creamy coloured rug with shades of blue through it. I have placed the couch slightly to the left corner of the room to create the feel of a Larger room. I haven then placed the rug slightly under the couch. Throughout the display window I have stuck with the same stain of wood, including a coffee table and the legs of the pot plant, as well as the couch feet. The room is made up of mainly whites and greys, there is a little bit of gold from the lamp and greenery from the pot plant. I have picked these light-coloured items as it also helps to give the room a bigger feel.

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