DESIGN BRIEF | Airbnb Cottage Accommodation Furniture Fit Out

Barham, March 2018

This design brief centered around a completely renovated cottage soon to serve as Airbnb accommodation. The modern living space must be suitable for staying guests whilst retaining fluid travel and open space to encourage constant views of the Murray River and surrounding landscape.

Prior to our first visit, this old cottage had been completely re-gutted and fitted out with modern fixtures and large windows, taking in the magnificent river views. With the brief requiring us to provide a full fit out, from the dining, lounge, two bedrooms, bathrooms and outdoor spaces and all finishing touches. 

Upon our first visit, we envisioned a colour palette based on oak timber tones, glass, black accents and pops of teals, greys and blues, with vibrant art to bring it all together - light, neutral and welcoming, a perfect accommodation palette.

Choosing the correct furniture was vital in accommodating a varied client base and providing comfort and everyday necessity, as well as practicality. Our choice of lighter coloured, oak timber furniture helped keep the spaces light and glass top pieces kept them open. The IMG Relaxer chairs and footrests to sit in front of the floor to ceiling windows provided the upmost luxury and a relaxing place to sit and take in the views.

In the bedrooms we chose fabric bed heads in neutral greys; an easily workable and transitional shade. With pops of teals and blues, and art adding some vibrancy to each space. And our smaller finishing touches: the kitchen clock, the bedside clocks, drink coasters, rugs and lamps pulled the rooms together.

Outside, we created two designated seating areas - at the rear of the house overlooking the green paddocks, we housed a bar table and four bar stools, perfect for entertaining as the steaks cook on the bbq. At the front of the house, overlooking the river, we sat a comfortable outdoor lounge and chairs - perfect for those pre-dinner drinks and cheese platters served with a picturesque view.

Have a look through our photos, we think you'll be impressed!

Photos taken by Kelly Jo Photography.

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