DESIGN BRIEF | Teen Bedroom & Living Area

December/January 2016/17

This design brief centered around the purchase of all finishing touches and styling of two bedrooms for sisters, aged 16 and 17, plus a kids living area. Both bedrooms had to reflect the girls different personalities and had to act as both a study nook and a bedroom. 

The kids living area had to house 3 teenagers plus friends on a regular basis. This space, situated at the front of the dwelling, had to be gender friendly as well as serve as an inviting entrance into the home.

As this was a surprise for both girls, we had a very short time frame to complete the fit-out while they were away on holidays for a couple of weeks.


Bedroom 1 

For our 17 year old teen, her bedroom needed to reflect a savvy and sophisticated lady. Her existing bed and desk was a gloss white and to that we incorporated a blend of soft pinks, greys and darker, moodier blues.


Bedroom 2 

For our 16 year old teen, her bedroom needed to reflect a free-spirited girl with a love of textures and her guitar. Her existing bed was a fabric bedhead in a neutral, and her desk, a white topped, timber legged table. To compliment, we added soft, textural pinks and cream and really played a more boho vibe.

Living Area 

Working with the existing lounge suite and cushions, all the room required to serve as a functional kids living room was a large mirror, a smaller mirror and some art.

The end result was a huge success. The bedrooms exceeded all expectations and were met with tears of joy from both girls, and the living area is in constant use from all family members and friends.


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