Faye and Pops, Barham

by Melissah Carnell August 09, 2018

Jan, Mel and Jon,

Thank you for organizing the styling shoot, so sorry I couldn't stay to the end. I would have loved to. We could have eaten the cheese, drank the wine, toasted the marshmallows and celebrated our success.

As I was leaving, I could see the subtle changes (and extra props) that Mel had added to made the place look amazing.

Mel, you have such a beautiful eye for detail, texture and shape. Even where you place things makes such a difference. (including tidying up the cords behind the TV unit!) Thank you for toning my colour style down, working to make the cottage reflect its beautiful river environment! I love the teal colour and the clever way it’s been used as a highlight throughout. 

It has been a fabulous experience to work with you all in transforming our little River cottage. You really understood and embraced the brief of “ short term holiday accommodation” and gave us great advice and service to that end.

Your “one stop shop” - furniture/linen/bedding made it so much easier for someone like me, to be time effective and made good decisions.
Your styling advice, product knowledge, and the special finishing touches have made the cottage a beautiful, warm place to live or to visit.
So practical, easy to clean with comfortable beds and couches. Yet contemporary and stylish, with such a welcoming feel about it.

Eventually, I will get Pops back to the Big House but he is loving the feel of the cottage  so I’m not sure when that will happen.

Jan, we have really appreciated your “going far beyond” efforts with your team.
Your onsite visits, regular updates, the various deliveries, the time-frames, right down to making the beds and putting away the linen was outstanding!
It reflects very favourably on how you conduct your business and how much you value your clients and opportunities.
We love doing it local, especially when we have businesses like yours to work with.

Visual Appeal, we can’t thank you enough .

We will always have projects on the go, so this is not the end ……. just a lull before another venture pops up.


Faye and Pops xxx

Nic, Swan Hill

by Melissah Carnell March 21, 2018

Last year during a massive renovation, I engaged the styling services of Jan and Melissah of Visual Appeal and was thrilled with the outcome. The situation was somewhat unusual and could have been quite troublesome had I not had someone so talented and competent to give me some ideas. The loungeroom doesn’t have much wall space and choosing a sofa or couch had to be just right. The placement of French doors was just about to be decided upon when Mel first visited and together we came up with a better placement to ensure my Coco statement piece would be just that, a statement piece, rather than a couch in an ‘empty shell’. I was so grateful for that first meeting as it meant that my room became more functional and felt like the room was made for my family.

Mel's help with colours and accessories took all of the worry out for me. I tend to get overwhelmed with the endless options and styles available. In the end though, Mel talked me through what 'feel' I was really trying to achieve and we came up with a beautiful room. My vision was compromised by what I had already stuck in my mind and Mel helped to open that up and while not completely 'updating' my look, she certainly refreshed it, taking care to ensure my atmosphere remained.

Another area of my home is my very own sanctuary and an area just for me. Finding the perfect sitting arrangement was easy with Mel and Jan's help and Bonnie and Otto now bring me much joy every morning as I have my cuppa and contemplate the day ahead. These pieces are investments to me, furniture that will live with me forever so they had to be perfectly in tune with my style.

Continuing on with other rooms, Jan and Mel have given me so much time and advice, contributing to a beautiful homey feel., As I turn my attention to other rooms, I will certainly be calling on their services to guide me and reassure that my style is all about me and what makes me feel good. They help to pull it all together and give it some 'wow'

I cannot credit them highly enough and absolutely recommend dealing with Jan and Mel to achieve the perfect style. You can trust their judgement as they truly want the best outcome to make an outstanding result in home styling.

Nic, Swan Hill.

Kate, Lake Charm

by Melissah Carnell March 13, 2018

Jan, Mel & Jon went above and beyond for us when helping us choose new furniture pieces for our living area and outdoor entertaining areas. They made the process so easy with some fabulous recommendations!


One of the reasons I love to support local business.

Thank you, Visual Appeal!

Kate, Lake Charm.

Jen, Kerang

by Melissah Carnell February 26, 2018

Renovating a house feels like it never ends, but the team at Visual Appeal has made styling so enjoyable. Incredibly accommodating, professional, price for quality and the best part is....they deliver, unpack, put together and take rubbish away! No flat packs with these guys, all quality and style!

Thanks Team Visual, I’m not finished with you guys yet!

Jen, Kerang.

Josephine, Kerang

by Melissah Carnell December 05, 2017

Friendly service and accommodating to all needs.

Josephine, Kerang.

Jen, Kerang

by Melissah Carnell March 01, 2017

I would love to recommend these awesome stylists and their beautiful quality furniture! I’m lucky enough to have fitted out a dining room, master bedroom, two teenager bedrooms and two lounge rooms with Jan and Mel.

Last year my girls - 16 and 17 at the time - were away for a month on a school trip. I propositioned Jan and Mel to do a surprise fit-out of their bedrooms and lounge while they was away. The result was just beautiful, they spent time sussing out the girls tastes and put together some gorgeous mood boards for me to review and approve. They came in, took over and fitted out everything perfectly before the girls got home. The looks on their faces (after being walked into the house blindfolded of course) were priceless!

How lucky we are to have such great quality, service and stylists here in Kerang.

Jen, Kerang.

Jacinta, Kerang

by Melissah Carnell October 12, 2016

Great service very quick and friendly. Would buy from again!

Jacinta, Kerang.

Jes, Kerang

by Melissah Carnell January 25, 2014

Excellent friendly and helpful service!

Jes, Kerang.